To register for REPTILEXPO 2019, just follow the steps below.

Do your registration right now, and next steps later once all your documents will be ready.

Our staff stays available for any question you may have :-)


12 June 2019 update :

Due to huge demands, we reached the maximum number of exhibitors for materials / terrariums / animal food. In consequence, we are now only accepting animal exhibitors.

Step 1 : Registration

First, get informed about the 2019 exhibition rules by reading the file below.

Inside you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions (material provided on site, animal legislation, deadlines for submitting your application and more...)


Exhibition rules
Document Adobe Acrobat 460.2 KB

Then, fill the form below to start your registration :

Note : veuillez remplir les champs marqués d'un *.

Step 2 : Documents

To complete your subscription, we will need all the documents below :

- detailed registration form (mandatory for all exhibitors)

- list of presented species (only needed for animal exhibitors)

- a copy of your authorizations (only if you own international animal licences)


These documents can be downloaded here. Fill and return them at: , with a copy of any authorizations you may have.


Registration form
Document Microsoft Word 74.5 KB
Species List
Document Microsoft Word 110.5 KB


Reminder : Please fill out your animal list carefully. According to exhibition rules, only the species mentionned in your documents will be accepted at the expo. Incomplete files will be returned for modification.

Step 3 : Payment

And last, pay for your linear meters (14€ per meter) using one of the following methods :

  • Paypal : click on the button below to proceed
  •  Bank transfer : please contact us to get the A.T.S.O. information